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Use Unique Passwords for Every Site & Service

Where are my digital footprints and what I need to change my password
Who's Looking at Your Digital Footprints?

First off, you should ask yourself these questions, and you will understand the meaning of this important email.

  • Where are your digital footprints, who is tracking them, and what do they know about me?
  • How often do I use the same password for every service I use on the internet?
  • How many times do I use my kid's birthdays and my dog's name in my password?
  • Do I use the same password everywhere?
  • Do I have a Yahoo account?
  • Do I use DropBox?

This should make you think about a simple fact.  Most of us use the same password or some minor variation of that password on almost every site or service we use.  This means that your digital footprint is spread all over the internet.  On November 10, 2016, Yahoo admitted that some of its employees were aware of the theft of some 500,000,000 users’ data as early as 2014. 

Is your Yahoo password the same password for your NetFlix account? Basically, the internet has your password, and someone bad knows it. Are you starting to see how this works?

What do you need to do?

The simplest thing you could do is maintain a list of online account user IDs and passwords.  You need to make sure that you use a VERY COMPLICATED AND UNIQUE PASSWORD for each account. When you need to log into that site, go to your master password list and use the UNIQUE password for that site.  You never want to use the same password for different sites.  Deleting accounts not used for six months or more is also best practice.

There are some very cool and easy-to-use tools to manage these passwords for you, and If you want to talk more about some very simple tools you can use to track these passwords, reach out to us!