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Some Risks Of Using DropBox In a Small Business

Image depicting some of the risks Of Using DropBox in a small business
Improper Implementation of DropBox in a Small Business Could lead to serious Data Leakage

What seems like an innocent enough collaboration and file sharing tool could be potentially leaving your company open to a lawsuit.  DropBox is a great platform for sharing pictures of your vacation with your friends and family but it may not be a secure as your think. Dropbox had a very unique model when they hit the market known as "Freemium" which really worked well for them.    But if its free is it for me?

You Could Be Opening Your Company To a Lawsuit

You may want to think long and hard about this because an application like DropBox may not be as secure as you think and with "Free" Solutions there is a very high likelihood that your people may be using it and most likely you never even gave it another thought but you could be potentially facing security and legal threats from data theft, corruption of data and the leaking or hacking of privileged client data.

Your Own Confidential Data May Be Floating Around Cyberspace

Solutions like DropBox while great for non-confidential data don't really offer much in the way of controls and oversight and you have very little control over what devices it is installed on.  You may wind up with DropBox being a back door right into your secure environment with employees mixing it from personal to work machines. Dropbox lets employees permanently delete files without your knowledge? Did you know employees are also able to share files without your knowledge? This leaves you at risk for breaking privacy agreements in place with customers and third-parties.

I'm Using DropBox to Backup My Important Information

Every small business faces the potential for important files to become corrupted.  You may not even be aware of this nor did you probably think to worry about this.  Typically 1 out of every 1500 files becomes corrupted at some point in time and Dropbox is no exception to this.  Most consumer-grade file-sharing tools don't offer data integrity assurance systems that businesses need to guarantee protection against corruption.   Imagine if your QuickBooks File was deleted and you thought "I will just go and download it from DropBox" You download it and lo and behold the file is no good, corrupted!   DropBox is not a file backup solution and should not be used for important data.

Some People Have Had The Same Passwords on DropBox Accounts for YearsSome of the Risks associated with Using an improperly configured DropBox Account

Just think about that - If DropBox being hacked in 2012 and having user's passwords and usernames exposed wasn't enough it is unlikely that you have a sufficient password policy in place.  CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

What Should I Do instead of DropBox?

Work with a Managed IT Services Provider Like DCS and discuss what it is you are trying to do.. So for instance if you say we just want to be able to send large files...  Talk to them as most likely they have secure platforms that can very easily be integrated.  The mistake that companies all to often make is not to involve their IT people into things they perceive as not a big deal or this doesn't involve them but sometimes it just what you don't know that can get you.  With a Managed Services Agreement you most likely have unlimited support for stuff like this..  Take 10 minutes out of your day and call them to discuss your goal and ask them what they think.  Don't just empower employees to install a non secure solution in the hopes to save a few bucks...