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Because small businesses are at a greater risk and more vulnerable to hackers than large businesses with internal IT departments, your small business needs to have the right partner managing your IT.  Delaney Computer Services, Inc. specializes in providing expert, managed, small business IT support throughout New York and New Jersey giving your small business the same professional-grade support and cybersecurity protections that large businesses have at a price that makes sense.  Our monthly Managed IT Services include a low, fixed monthly price and an unlimited amount of helpdesk support with a monthly managed IT service agreement.  We provide our small business IT support services to businesses and organizations with as little as 10 users.  DCS  provides in-depth, individualized IT support services with individual attention that is tailored to your needs.

Cyber Attacks Won't Stop, You Need to Take Action Now.

The Cyberattacks won't stop, and the risks will remain prevalent in the coming years. This will leave companies like yours with two major needs: the ability to protect your company data and the capacity to recover more quickly from unplanned downtime that can severely limit your productivity.

You need systems that can help prevent attacks, in addition to storage and backup strategies that will enable a swift recovery.

With best in class small business IT support, DCS will work to strengthen your internal network, beef up security, promote ease-of-use, and restore employee confidence in technology. 

Fully Outsourced, Flat Fee, All-Inclusive Small Business IT Support + Multi-Layered CyberSecurity

We provide end to end small business IT support services, including our All-Inclusive Support designed to keep your servers, computers, and network running smoothly around the clock. Due to the constantly evolving threat of potential cyber-attacks, DCS has created a multi-layered approach to securing your small business from all potential attackers. We use only the most advanced security measures available for all our clients, regardless of size. With DCS running your company's IT, you can rest assured that your business will always be secure. 

Did you know that employees get frustrated having to work with outdated, poorly maintained computers?

Let DCS help create a financial plan to make replacing end of life, aging computers, servers, and network gear surprisingly affordable by shifting the one-time cost of purchasing expensive equipment, Microsoft Certified Small Business IT Supportsoftware, and consulting projects to a low fixed monthly operational expenditure by leveraging our lease finance partners to create an equipment leasing plan that helps you actually save money and time.

Proper integration of effective technology into your businesses' network leads to an increase in productivity and an increase in security, and an overall improvement in company morale, which leads to better employee retention. 

How do we do it?

With our flat monthly rates, DCS can use a hands-on approach to keep your business running smooth 24/7 365. We proactively keep your computers and servers up to date and problem-free. We benefit when your network is up, and all issues are handled, so we implement strategies to ensure that your business is always prepared for the unexpected.

If disaster strikes, DCS will be there for you. Our comprehensive backups ensure that all-important company data is never lost in the event of an issue. You have the peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information safe.

Providing small company IT support for businesses is a continuous process, and DCS will be with you every step of the way. From establishing a cloud presence for your business to providing risk assessment and consulting services, our far-reaching capabilities will keep your company connected both internally and externally so you can focus on what matters most, your customers. 

Request a consultation online or give us a call to begin. Start improving your IT today! 


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