Fiber Optic Cable Installation


DCS Offers the following Fiber Optic Installation and testing Services for businesses and organizations in NY NJ

  • Fiber Optic Installations and Testing
  • Fiber Optic Design-Build Services
  • Dark Fiber
  • Outdoor and Building to Building Fiber installs
  • Aerial Fiber Installation
  • Fiber Testing and Certification: Using Fluke DTX Certifiber and Fluke Simplfiber for fiber optic testing, certifying and providing printed (or E-mailed) test results for each strand
    OTDR fiber optic testing for breaks
  • Owens Corning Certified fiber optic technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in installation, termination and testing
  • Fiber Splicing

 Cisco Certified Fiber Optic Installation testing and repair Owens Corning Fiber Optic Installation

Are DCS' Technicians Certified?

DCS uses BICSI RCDD certified engineers who are thoroughly trained and experienced in testing, repair and design and have many years of experience and adhere to strict standards of conduct.

fiber optic installationFiber optic installation

Is fiber optic cable installation a more complicated process than conventional copper cable?

In general, yes fiber optic cable installation requires special training and experience to terminate and test cabling as the core material in the cable is made of glass which requires highly specialized equipment to terminate or connect the fiber to other strands of fiber optic cabling. Fiber optic technicians perform basic inspection, cleaning, basic troubleshooting and verification of the fiber optic cabling after it is installed with a device known as an OTDR tester.

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optic cable is a technology that uses small threads made of glass or plastic (fibers) to transmit data from one point to another. Fiber optic cabling is important to many of the everyday applications you use, such as the internet, telephone systems and cable television. Fiber optic cable is an excellent method for transmitting data and is preferable to standard copper coax cables.

Why choose fiber optic cable over alternative methods?

Fiber optic cable can transmit larger quantities of data with minimal loss and is able to maintain signals over long distances. Fiber Optic cabling provides the greatest information carrying capability of any medium.  Many times when complex installation of computer Delaney Computer Services, Inc BBB Business Reviewnetworks require a span of 300 feet or more,  fiber optic cabling is necessary. Fiber optic cable installation works in connecting network closets to Cat 5 networks. Other advantages are that fiber optic cable is less corrosive and is virtually free from interference. 

As a data transmission medium, optical fiber has a number of advantages over copper cabling. Higher bandwidth, higher speeds, longer length limitations, security, stability, little or no maintenance costs, and now the installation costs are going down.   If you have the option install fiber over copper, when in doubt, choose Fiber.  

Who do I contact to learn if fiber optic cable installation is the right choice for me?

Fiber optic cable installation should only be done by professionals or those who are familiar with installing various types of cable. DCS carries out the design, installation, testing and maintenance of Fiber Optic cabling, including Fusion Splicing & Termination of Multimode or Single-mode Fiber Cables which includes both internal and external work and repair.

Fiber Optic works best between buildings and is your gigabit backbone for taking your business into the future. It is faster and more reliable than copper or wireless. 

Delaney Computer Services has the experts it takes to complete your next fiber optic installation project. DCS handles the entire process, using various installation methods to get the job done: aerial building, building installs and underground trench installs, we are experienced in fiber optic  cable installation.

DCS has been a fixture in the Hudson Valley of New York, conveniently located in Rockland County. We have completed fiber optic cable installations in our area, as well as Northern NJ, Bergen County and NYC. While fiber optic cable is relatively new in its popularity, we have been offering cable installation services for over 20 Years.