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Technology is woven into the fabric of almost all of today's businesses. New technologies are introduced regularly, so your IT services provider needs to be scanning the horizon, anticipating and solving our image depicting IT support NYC business service vechicleclients' Cybersecurity challenges. The advantage of an IT Support Company like DCS is that ALL of our technicians and engineers are heightened in their awareness of the moment's vulnerability so that we always have a plan to deal with the next cyber threat that's looming in the darkness.

New technology means your business must look to a newer, more effective IT support and service model.

The Crucial Role that Your IT Support Partner Needs to Play to Ensure Your Systems Are Secure and Compliant

Are you operating without a managed IT support agreement? 

You're missing out on a comprehensive support solution. One-off fixes after a breakdown might temporarily resolve your issues, but the struggle to connect with support in a traditional break/fix scenario can be a major hindrance. Small to mid-market businesses often fall into this reactive trap. However, a Managed IT Support Agreement is indispensable for smooth and efficient day-to-day operations. A Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) continuously observes your technology infrastructure, proactively fortifies it, and takes prompt action to resolve issues before they escalate.

Comparing IT Consultations and Managed IT Support

IT consultants typically adhere to a reactive break/fix model, which contrasts starkly with the proactive approach of a managed services model.

The break/fix model implies waiting until a system fails before seeking IT support. Once called, break/fix IT support starts billing hourly to resolve the issue.

On the other hand, a managed IT services model entails a consistent, fixed fee for proactive IT support, aiming to prevent problems before they even arise. While it's impossible to evade all issues, an MSP ensures that the unavoidable ones are dealt with swiftly to prevent business disruption and minimize financial implications. This approach enhances the value you receive and reduces the overall costs associated with your IT operations. The icing on the cake is the reduced occurrence of issues and business interruptions, enabling you to focus on your core operations without disruption. DCS provides the essential IT support NYC needs. More so, this is the IT support NYC deserves.

The Advantage of FIXED Pricing Models and 24/7 Monitoring

Our FIXED pricing models offer solution-focused IT Support that allows for predictable costs—quality IT support that doesn't stretch your budget. With 24/7 monitoring and alerting, we offer proactive maintenance to ensure your technology runs smoothly. This approach leads to a lower total cost of ownership, enabling you to get the most out of your IT investments.

  • Proactive & Unlimited IT Helpdesk Support Hours
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Comprehensive, Multi-Layered Security that's managed round-the-clock
  • Managed Antivirus / Anti-Malware and Advanced Threat Detection
  • No sick employees, time off or vacations, etc.
  • Peace of Mind (increased reliability & less downtime)
  • Broad IT Expertise and Experience
  • More Efficient Use of Internal Resources
  • Increase focus on strategic initiatives
  • Remote Network support
  • Remote Data Backup for Disaster Recovery if needed
  • IT Support NYC certified

Have our team of highly skilled network engineers, computer technicians, and application support professionals service your business' computers.

Move away from reactive IT services and towards proactive IT support NYC businesses need

When looking for comprehensive and efficient IT support NYC, go with a managed services agreement from DCS. 

At DCS, we make IT easy for you. We offer a guarantee on our service, so why wait? Call or click right now.

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