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IT-as-a-Service (ITAAS)

We find that IT infrastructure is not what it needs to be for most small businesses, and all too often, small businesses lack the capital budgets to have the appropriate technology in place for their businesses to run IT-as-a-Service ITAASefficiently and securely.  DCS offers an alternative to large capital outlays for IT equipment that these days has an ever increasingly shorter lifespan.


By utilizing IT as a service, it takes companies from the old model of replacing computer equipment as it breaks or becomes unusable to a much more cost-effective one.  With ITAAS, DCS can provide the best in class technology combined with our fully Managed IT Services for one fixed monthly price per workforce member, eliminating the need for large one-time capital outlays. 

Nuke and Pave

When we utilize our ITAAS model, we are often able to "nuke and pave" over your old IT infrastructure after creating a new and more appropriate new infrastructure while your existing one is in use and then migrating you over to the newly created platform without killing or interrupting productivity, often lowering the cost of the one-time consulting charges of your project to the point where it can make up the financial difference of replacing your technology.