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Why DCS?

Why DCS?  DCS is PCI DSS 3.0

Superior IT Services - Delivered The Right Way

Our goal is to exceed industry standards in small business IT support for performance and customer service. We achieve this by eliminating unexpected problems, improving security, implementing Business Continuity, lowering expenses, and communicating effectively. The result is a plan for sustainable growth.

As more businesses embrace managed services, many are  old IT 'solution'.

Some of the most common being:

  •  It takes days for a response to our call
  •  We can never seem to find him when we need him most
  • Our email never works
  • Our system/network/computers were down for days

By now, most business owners, C-level executives and managers recognize that information technology is crucial to the survival and growth of their business.

So why do so many still choose a Break/Fix relationship for IT instead of a modern, common sense solution?

It always comes down to two things: fear and money.

How do you pay your IT guy? Not how much - but HOW do you pay your IT guy?

The financial model behind your IT relationship speaks volumes about the business model and sustainability behind it. A reactive relationship does not work in personal relationships nor does it work in business. Stop paying by the hour whenever a problem occurs. This model breeds unpredictable expenses, low-quality technical work and opposing Incentives!

Managed Services is the only way to conduct a successful relationship between information technology and business development. DCS has been promoting this long before it was a popular belief and finally, much of the world is catching on. If it were possible for a break/fix consultant to provide all the services a successful business requires without charging by the hour - he would. However this cannot work since an IT consultant can't guarantee you a flat hourly rate.

Let's say one of your servers fails. That job alone could be anywhere between 20-50 hours of work to restore. If an IT guy delivered a flat-rate price, he would be gambling with his livelihood. Technologies vary drastically, as do the problems that go along with them. Managed Service Providers don't have to predict how long a job will take, and they can take a proactive approach to your IT.