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Employee Productivity Tracking with ActivTrak

Employee Productivity Monitoring Services

Track, analyze, and manage your team’s remote behavioral data

The way teams work has forever changed. You're tasked with keeping your business moving forward while adapting to new and expanding remote work environments. 
To support your organization, DCS can integrate ActivTrak's cost-effective employee productivity monitoring software services that allow remote teams to stay aligned and productive while simultaneously ensuring data compliance and security — in the office and remote, businesses want key insights into productive behaviors to model a more effective workforce.

Ensure Remote Employee Productivity

Now more than ever, businesses and organizations need to understand how remote employees get work done and what habits lead to top performance. Traditional employee monitoring software packages may be effective at illuminating the minutiae of what employees do but do so at the risk of creating employee privacy and morale issues.

With employee privacy at the core of our implementation, DCS can deploy ActivTrak, remote employee monitoring software which provides flexible configuration options to enable transparency and collaboration to help everyone improve productivity.

Because the remote workforce's unexpected expansion has heightened the need for software to monitor remote employees to help measure output and ensure productivity across teams and employees. This requires more than just employee monitoring software. It requires a team with the expertise to deploy our unique employee productivity tracking solutions. Using productivity analytics to measure and improve performance and employee engagement is at the core of our offerings.

Help Reduce Employee Burnout in your Remote Workforce

With this service, we help you:

  • Monitor and manage employees, and assign “Productive” and “Unproductive” labels to logged activities
  • Track employee behavior, analyze patterns, identify bottlenecks, and use the insights to coach remote employees.
  • Leverage a reporting agent that continuously runs in the background and sees exactly how employees are spending their time
  • Provide Insights Into productive employee profiles

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