About DCS

For 20+ Years Delaney Computer Services has been the Trusted Provider of IT Support Services to many Small and Medium Businesses and Organizations throughout NY & NJ as well as businesses up and down the East Coast

Since 1995 when we started out building computer systems for consumers and small businesses, Delaney Computer Services, Inc. at its core has provided our clients with the best IT Support available. 


Always looking at better technologies to stay ahead of the curve: DCS has stayed ahead of our competition by being flexible and agile when it comes to new technologies so in 2008 DCS changed our business model to be able to provide the best IT Services model available to our clients, Managed IT Services.

Managed IT services is a common sense flatrate pricing and service model which provides our clients with a fully protected, properly designed IT infrastructure that is consistently monitored for performance and security issues around the clock.  When we find an issue it is then automatically patched and updated and as one of the innovators in Managed IT Services  DCS has been comprised of the IT support industry's most experienced experts in Managed IT Services and from the first moments of interaction we will make it clear that we understands today's technology and from that moment of connection provides a foundation for a humane business relationship consisting of loyalty, advocacy, and sustainability moving forward which is the only long-lasting strategic objective for our business and our clients.

DCS operates throughout the region from our company headquarters in Mahwah NJ with a support office in Manhattan to service our clients in New York City