About DCS

about delaney computer services service delivery modelFor 20+ Years Delaney Computer Services has been the Trusted IT Service Provider to many businesses and organizations throughout the region.  Since our inception as a small company started on our founder's kitchen table in 1994 where we built computer systems one at a time for consumers and small businesses we have always given our all and provided the best IT Support available.  Because of that hard work and dedication we have been fortunate enough to grow and continuously develop our service offerings into our modern day form, the well established Managed IT Services Provider or (MSP) that businesses trust every day to Manage and Maintain their Information Technology Needs.


By having a proper technology design which takes into account your business' operational models, current inventory and overall needs to achieve an always on, Zero Downtime model we get to work building a highly normalized environment that is free from the poorly implemented IT designs of the past we can then secure it and keep it up to day with constant maintenance.   It's that Simple.

DCS is always looking at emerging trends in IT support models to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and always provide the best in security and uptime:

DCS has always stayed ahead of our competition by being flexible and innovative with technology service models which is what led our company to realizing the ONLY way to provide adequate IT support was to adopt the cost-effective and innovative Managed IT Services business model which is at its core is an all inclusive and unlimited support, flat-rate pricing and service delivery model which provides our clients with a fully protected, properly designed IT infrastructure that is consistently monitored for performance and security issues around the clock and focuses on proactive remediation rather than reactive pay as you go models.  When we find an issue we correct it and then try to prevent it from happening again by automating predictive routines to do so and by using security as a cornerstone for everything we do DCS is uniquely positioned to provide ongoing managed compliance services to help our clients get and stay in compliance with many industry vertical compliance requirements.

DCS operates throughout the region from our company headquarters in Mahwah NJ with a support office in Manhattan to service our New York City based clients