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Vonage Business Certified Reseller

Vonage Business Solutions Reseller
Vonage Business Solutions Reseller

Since 2006 DCS has been a certified Vonage Business Certified reseller and installer, NY and NJ businesses have relied on to deliver the power of the premier cloud-based VoIP platform.  DCS started with Vonage Business Solutions when they were known as Vocalocity and with no doubt, our clients have benefited from the partnership.

Vonage's small business VoIP is a better kind of phone system for small to mid-market businesses, and it's one that thousands of companies are using every day and by providing our business clients with the best in breed cloud voice solutions we have been able to expand the borders of our client's offices by getting rid of the old PBX in the closet and opening up a world without borders.

Why Should I Use a Vonage Business Certified Reseller to implement my Cloud-based PBX?

Vonage Business Certified ResellerSomewhere between where you are now and your telephony utopia, you’ve got some work to do. And, as with any big purchase decision, there are a lot of questions to answer. One of the biggest questions faced by companies seeking to implement a hosted VoIP solution is which firm to partner with to get the job done. Will you work with a  Certified Reseller or purchase directly from Vonage? Where can you get the best price? Am I getting the right equipment? How can you tell a good partner from a bad one? Do you really need an integrator if you have a capable IT staff? Who is going to be there to help you through the process, so your project is deemed a success rather than a crash-and-burn-catastrophe? After all, even the best-intentioned decisions can be disastrous if implemented poorly.

DCS starts off by making sure that your network and internet connections are able to deliver the voice quality that you need to make crisp and clear phone calls.  

Since VoIP relies on both your internal network and your internet connection you are able to leverage DCS' networking expertise.  As one of the best-known Managed IT Service providers in the NYC / NJ metro area DCS can certify your network to work with the cloud-based PBX.   Our Vonage Business Installers will make sure your transition to the cloud is a smooth one. 

If the above isn't enough reasons here's a few more;

  • We can provision Vonage to work with a traditional fax machine
  • We can train you and your staff to work with the latest Vonage apps
  • We can integrate Vonage with your CRM or Line of Business App
  • We can install overhead paging and other legacy devices
  • Download a Vonage Business Communications Overview

By using a Vonage Business Certified Reseller you are getting the expertise that you need to not only make sure you are getting the right packages but you will most likely save money.
DCS' philosophy of being thorough from the beginning until post-installation will make sure that you not only have the correct phones and accessories but have the correct package that will maximize your telephony budget. 


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