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IT Risk Assessment

an IT Risk Assessment is an essential part of getting IT support
IT Risk Assessment

IT Risk Assessment

When you're operating a small or midsize business, especially in NYC, it’s only to be expected that you want to keep your company safe from cyber attacks, hacking attempts, software piracy audits, email PHIshing attempts, and the loss of sensitive business information. But how much do you really know about the state of your network? In addition to IT risk, you may want to know how effectively your existing technology supports your current business and future goals?

Our IT Risk Assessment Begins With an End in Mind

DCS' IT Risk Assessment is an in-depth, hands-on process that delivers a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your organization's state of information technology by utilizing industry-leading tools, physical inspections, and over 20 years of experience in delivering managed IT support services along with a wealth of understanding of many different business models

DCS will analyze your company's existing technology design, infrastructure, and cybersecurity posture and conduct interviews with business stakeholders to:

  • Establish a thorough understanding of the current state of your IT assets
  • Conduct full vulnerability scans of your entire network which assess the level of security risks present on your network
  • Conduct a thorough deep dive into how you conduct business so that we can make sure you are leveraging technology properly
  • Detail how well your current technology supports your business use and goals
  • Conduct a thorough software licensing assessment
  • Assess your compliance with government and or industry best practices
  • Detail need for new technology solutions
  • Detail costs for needed infrastructure upgrades

Having an IT Risk Assessment performed should always be the first step to ensuring that the decisions you make around your technology will support and foster your business moving forward and Creates a Roadmap For Success

Once the business and technology assessments are completed, our consultants develop and present a detailed set of written recommendations that help you:

  • Prioritize, plan, and budget technology implementations and changes for maximum impact
  • Implement technology changes that provide measurable business benefits (productivity, performance, cost- and time efficiencies, and data security)
  • Ensure that your systems are in line with industry-standard best practices

After your IT Risk Assessment, DCS can also be engaged to maintain your technology moving forward with our monthly Managed IT Services