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SaaS Platform Security Monitoring

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Expanded Coverage for Your Business

In addition to our specialized Microsoft 365 Tenant security monitoring, DCS Cyber Shield now offers comprehensive security solutions for other leading SaaS platforms, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, and Google services.

Why Choose Multi-SaaS Monitoring?

  • Unified Security: Manage and monitor the security of your critical business SaaS applications through a single, robust framework for abnormal user behaviors, unauthorized logins, potential data loss & leakage.

  • Compliance Across Platforms: Ensure your entire SaaS portfolio complies with industry standards like ISO 27001, NYCRR500, and NIST 800.171.

  • Customized Alerts: Receive real-time, tailored alerts for each SaaS platform, allowing immediate action on any security threats.

How Our Multi-SaaS Monitoring Works

  1. Platform Assessment: Our team evaluates the security configurations of each SaaS application you use, identifying potential vulnerabilities.

  2. Continuous Monitoring: Our SOC team extends its 24/7 monitoring services to cover all your SaaS platforms.

  3. Incident Response: Upon detecting a security anomaly, we immediately investigate and take necessary actions to contain and neutralize the threat.

  4. Compliance Reporting: Receive regular reports demonstrating your compliance status across all monitored SaaS platforms.

Secure Your SaaS Portfolio with DCS Cyber Shield

Don't compromise on security when it comes to your SaaS applications. Extend the trusted, compliant protection of DCS Cyber Shield to all your critical cloud-based services.

To learn more about our Multi-SaaS Security Monitoring services, contact us or call our NY Metro area offices at +1 (844)TECHIES.