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DCS Business LifeLine™: Boutique Business IT Support

IT support for very small businessesWhat is DCS Business LifeLine™?

LifeLine is designed for Small Boutique Businesses with less than five computers, offering ongoing PC protection and maintenance by harnessing essential elements of our business-grade defensive strategy tailored for both business and non-profit sectors.

Our seven core services include Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for enhanced security, DNS Content Filtering, Continuous Computer Health Monitoring, OS and Application Patching, Automated Maintenance, On-Demand Remote Assistance, scam protection, and Continuous Cloud Backup. DCS Business LifeLine™ is a compact version of our comprehensive Managed IT Services, catering to our mid-size business clientele, priced at $149.99 Per Month + Tax Per Computer.

IT support for very small businessesWhat's Covered under DCS Business LifeLine™?

  • Unlimited Cloud Backup & Recovery: Right from setup, LifeLine™ initiates a full-PC cloud backup, updated daily, ensuring your data remains untouched despite unforeseen mishaps. Enjoy unlimited backup space with DCS Backup & Disaster Recovery (restrictions apply).

  • Robust Antivirus/AntiMalware: Our EDR solution, powered by SentinelOne, provides vigilant protection against malicious threats, keeping your systems secure and responsive. Continuous updates from live threat-monitoring sources protect you from the latest cyber threats, removing the typical hassles of manual updates and renewals.

  • Internet Safeguard: Our sophisticated Web Content Filtering thwarts inadvertent access to deceptive sites, working alongside our antivirus to shield you from online threats.

  • Vigilant System Monitoring: Your LifeLine™-enabled PC constantly feeds data to our dashboard, where our technicians can proactively address potential issues before they escalate, such as hard drive failures.

  • Maintenance & Patch Management: Our system routinely updates software, clears redundant files, and optimizes resources, keeping your PC at peak performance without extra charges.

  • Business Critical Assistance: Our team is on standby during business hours to provide remote support for critical issues. Enjoy preferred customer discount rates for a seamless support experience, whether platform-related or technical issues.

  • Trusted Support Against Scams: In today's digital landscape, the threat of scams and Phishing attempts is ever-present. With LifeLine™, rest easy knowing you have a trusted ally on the other end of the phone line. Our experienced support team is ready to guide you through suspicious communications or unexpected system behaviors, ensuring your peace of mind and continuous protection.

IT support for very small businessesThe Extras

We ensure your computer remains updated with essential Windows and third-party updates such as Chrome, Firefox, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Through discreet background operations, we automatically clear temporary files and optimize the hard drive's performance, improving your device's overall performance. We recommend keeping your computer powered on overnight to perform these tasks efficiently.

IT support for very small businessesExclusions to LifeLine™ Coverage

  • In-Shop Service: Inshop services are limited to our Mahwah, NJ office location. 

  • Managed Protection Limitations: Our security solutions operate on a best-effort basis. If issues arise beyond their scope, additional remediation via remote or in-shop service is available at a cost, albeit with LifeLine™ discounts applied.

  • Billable Remote Support: Sessions unrelated to LifeLine™ platform support are billable.

  • Discount Scope: Preferred Customer Discounts are exclusive to consulting and in-shop labor, excluding hardware/software purchases, and are non-transferable.

  • Consultation Availability: Free in-shop consultations are subject to availability, with priority given to Managed IT clients with support SLAs.

  • Service Eligibility: DCS Business LifeLine™ caters specifically to micro and small-business clientele. Please inquire about our Commercially Managed IT service packages for extended support on five or more computers.