Managed IT Services

You do You,  Let our team of highly experienced IT professionals Manage your Technology

By removing poorly implemented, outdated,  technology,  we clear the IT clutter and begin to design and implement a stable, modern, efficient properly documented technology environment for your businesses, freeing up you and your internal resources to focus on what you do best, managing and Managed IT Services Provider for small businessoperating your business.  DCS assumes the day to day IT management and support tasks that has most likely been dragging you off task.   As we normalize your company's technology we can begin to monitor for cybersecurity events, computer hardware, network, and application pre-failure indicators, heading off issues before they can become problems that left unattended would eventually lead to business downtime. 

Our focus is simple, keeping your IT running day in and day out which requires consistent management and know-how and with 20+ years of delivering rock-solid fully managed IT services under our belts the team at DCS will leverage our powerful suite of cloud-based IT monitoring and cybersecurity tools and know-how to shift the responsibility of managing your company's IT needs to ours and deliver consistent uptime.

The key to IT success is Staying ahead of the small things, so they don't become big IT problems

One of the central tenants of the Managed IT Services service delivery philosophy is staying ahead of IT issues before they can create business interruptions and system outages.  Having a highly normalized and properly documented environment, we can proactively monitor and remediate issues.  DCS manages ALL of your technology for one fixed monthly fee, which we typically base on the number of workforce users and/or devices and services that your business or organization utilizes.  By staying ahead of problems with proactive support, we are driven to keep your network running and not responding to constant emergencies rather stamping out issues and staying ahead of things.

image depicting Managed IT ServicesWith the Managed IT Services methodology, you get reliable performance, predictable IT spends, normalized IT infrastructure, and IT controls, which translate into more value from your existing technology while reducing your total IT costs and reduced lost revenue, expenses, and interruptions in business continuity. 

Properly engineered & maintained technology gives you a lower total cost of ownership because we remove costly downtime increase the performance of your network.

Think about this; If you don't currently have a Managed IT Services agreement with a real MSP like DCS you are not getting help until something breaks, you are stuck in the pay by the retainer or hour Break / Fix cycle. a Managed IT Services Team in ActionUnmanaged Computer Networks break, and you get downtime = lost revenue and paying for employees to go on long extended breaks.

Have our team of highly skilled network engineers, computer technicians, application support professionals convert your IT Support to our managed services support model.  With a full team of professionals providing IT services for your business's network of computers and other technology at a fraction of a cost of a full-time employee or even the current IT contract you have, what do you have to lose?

Managed IT Services from DCS = An entire IT Department in a Box

  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support for your employees
  • A robust, multi-layered IT security stack
  • Managed Industry Compliance Services
  • 24/7 monitoring/alerting of network and computer issues
  • Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring through our SOC & SIEM
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solution
  • VoIP and Video Collaboration Solutions for your team
  • Continuous optimization of your network, servers, and workstations
  • Microsoft Windows and Third-Party Application patch management
  • Vendor Management / Cloud Services Management
  • Application administration and popular accounting system support and consulting
  • Dedicated IT help desk for your employees to contact
  • Virtual CIO consulting with quarterly business review meetings
  • Freed up internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Peace of Mind (Increased Reliability & Less Downtime)

The key to a proper managed IT service is to take corrective action to keep systems running correctly before business interruptions can occur. 

Understand Some of the Benefits of Managed Services

  • Broad IT expertise with no sick days, vacations, etc.
  • Better running technology and happier employees
  • Security & Data privacy – in applications and network
  • Accelerated migration to new technology
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Improved Network Performance and Increased Uptime
  • Lower infrastructure investments with better return
  • Reduced labor and operational costs
  • Reduced IT capital expenses because equipment lasts longer
  • Reduced cash flow outlay with financing opportunities or programs when computer equipment needs to be purchased
  • Agreement obligation – liability of service provider greater than in-house employee

At DCS, we like to make IT easy for you. We offer a guarantee on our service, so why wait? Call or click right now.