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Fiber Optic Repair

Fiber Optic Cable Repair Companies
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
Fiber Optic Cable Repair

DCS Offers Fiber Optic Repair Services for Businesses

  • Commercial Fiber Optic Cable Repair & Troubleshooting of Multimode, Singlemode, ST, SC, LC, FC, MTRJ
  • Professional Fusion Splicing  & Testing Services
  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cabling and Trenching Breaks
  • Optical Certification: Using Fluke DTX Certifiber and Fluke Simplfiber for testing, certifying, and providing printed (or E-mailed) test results for each strand
  • OTDR testing for breaks
  • BICSI RCDD Certified Engineers and technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in testing, repair, and design
  • Custom-made fiber optic cable assemblies, colors, lengths, and types

Emergency Fiber Optic Cable Repair

Emergency Fiber Repair Services are available, and please contact one of our Sales Engineers for rates and response times.

If you are in need of fiber optic cable repair services, we are here to help however, please understand that we only work with businesses and organizations within NY and NJ.

DCS is registered with the NYS OGS