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Why Preventative IT Maintenance Matters

Why Preventative IT Maintenance Matters

For many small through mid-market business and organization, Managed IT Services may be a confusing topic that you may have been hearing a lot about lately.

A lot of the marketing of Managed Services suggests that managed services can lead to greater productivity and profits, but it can be unclear as to just how.

We would like to shed some light on this seemingly complex concept of Managed Services and  after reading this article, you should understand the process by which Managed Services can lead your business to increased productivity and, consequently, a higher bottom line.

With respect to the SMB market Managed Services is essentially 2 major components; first is the billing model which in a lot of cases is a flat fee and the second is the preventative IT maintenance aspect.

What this means for your business is that little IT problems are solved as soon as they appear, and before they have a chance to compound into much bigger, more costly ones. But before we delve deeper into how this increases your business’s productivity levels, it makes sense to look at the history of this service and the role of “preventative maintenance” in our culture.

Why Preventative IT Maintenance Matters

Managed Services for IT have been around for decades. Despite this, however, many businesses have been slow to catch on. And really, is it all that surprising? Preventative maintenance is not exactly a priority for most people. Whether you hire a mechanic to replace a fan belt, a plumber to repair a leaky pipe, or doctor to set your broken arm, many of these preventable problems have been culturally accepted as commonplace. Yet people are so used to the mindset of thinking “all is well until it isn't”, which is really where the true problem lies.

Additionally, when preventable issues are ignored long enough to the point when they explode into emergency repairs, your wallet almost always suffers. This is just as true for a network crash to your business’s IT infrastructure as it is for a trip to the emergency room for a neglected health problem.

Because Managed IT Services prevent emergency IT repairs that are completely unpredictable, your bottom line will enjoy long-term savings and cost consistency. Along with this, you’ll also get a significant bump in your productivity levels.

How does having a Managed IT Service boost productivity?

To answer this question, it makes sense to look at a fundamental principle of productivity - focus. Imagine this: you’re trying to complete a new marketing strategy for the next quarter. You’re doing some research, compiling a list of upcoming networking events and trade shows to attend, when suddenly you’re disrupted by an urgent phone call. After you’re off the phone, you return to your research, and then your secretary bursts in with an handful of vendor invoices you need to sign off on. As these disruptions continue to pile up, what happens if your IT breaks down and you’re unable to use your computer? Basically, you can't get anything done. You're stuck..

When it comes to IT, Managed Services take preventative measures to ensure your network is always running at its optimal level, so you don’t suffer technology breakdowns or distractions that prevent you and your staff from getting work done. Smoothly-running IT won’t resolve all of your productivity problems, such as your staff focusing more on Facebook or their phone rather than their work, but it will resolve all of those that relate directly to your business' relationship with technology. No longer will your business be held down by daily computer issues and asSOCiated repairs; instead, you can move forward and focus on growing your business. That is the beauty of Managed Services: increased productivity, focus and growth for your entire company.

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