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Thank A Veteran

If you are reading this you should consider thanking a veteran.  The fact that you are reading this means that you live in a free country where you have free access to the internet that is not controlled by the government.  For over 200 years the brave men and women of this country have lain down their lives to protect our ability to live in freedom, freedom to worship, freedom free from fear and persecution from would-be tyrants.  This is why we want to take a moment to say thank you to all of the veterans that have served this great nation.  I also want to have a shout out to the members of my family that have served and continue to serve our county.

From my Grandfather, father, uncles and cousins and a special thanks to my nephew, Robert who is on active duty and serves on the honor guard at the Tomb Of The Unknown Solider in Arlington VA, who have risked their lives to ensure that this great country remained free and will always remain free.  They have brought the fight to this country's enemies and kept them off of our shores since World War I.

We must remember the true meaning of this great holiday, it's not about car sales, beer and furniture sales but a day to truly thank a veteran for their service.

So thank from the bottom of my heart...

Thank You for your service.

Richard Delaney
Delaney Computer Services, Inc.