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New Microsoft Outlook Webmail Enhancements

New Microsoft Outlook Webmail enhancements
View of Outlook new enhancements to the Office 365 Web App

Organizing email is an important but can be a very time-consuming task.  Using an email system that lets employees spend less time sorting messages and adjusting settings and more time working is an easy way to improve your company's bottom line.  Check out some of these new Microsoft Outlook Webmail Enhancements

Easier Elimination of Unwanted EMails

Employees spend an excessive amount of time poring through both important and junk emails. In the redesigned Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Web Email App, it takes only three clicks to block unwanted emails, helping you to organize your mailbox better and faster.

Simply click on the Sweep function to configure inbox preferences like blocking incoming emails from specific senders or automatically deleting 10-day-old messages.

In case you accidentally delete important messages, you can use the “undelete” function to retrieve them without the assistance of IT staff.

New Security Features

When you log in to your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Web App account on a public device or on your laptop using public WiFi, Microsoft can send you a one-time password via SMS or use of the Microsoft Authenticator App. Once you’ve logged out of your account, further attempts by intruders to log in to your account in the same public place will be foiled by this additional safety procedure.

Another security feature is the stealth email address features, which allows you to create a temporary email address. This is particularly useful in situations where you have to provide your email to sign up for a service, e.g., eCommerce or file sharing websites, and you’re not sure whether or not these sites are secure. Using your temporary email address, you can filter incoming emails from suspicious senders or delete them if you suspect that they’re spam.

SOCial Media Contacts Integration

For users whose business connections extend to their social media contacts, this feature lets you easily sync and consolidate Outlook contacts with contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Note that you can choose to sync just one platform, e.g., LinkedIn, to ensure that only professional contacts get synced to your Outlook account.

If you need more productivity-enhancing email features, or if you want to make the most of your existing email functions, call us today for tips and recommendations.