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How to Have a Hack-Free New Year

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How to Have a Hack-Free New Year:hack free new year

Security Checklist - How do you measure up?


It’s no secret that securing their respective IT environment is a primary initiative for large corporations. IBM security services released a report that stated more than 500 million records of personal information were stolen in a calendar year. This is a topic we bring up on a regular basis, because it is one that too many businesses are not taking seriously.


With the average cost of a single breach averaging $3.5 million, you can easily understand why security is a priority. That chunk of change would set back any enterprise, but a small business wouldn’t even be able to survive an attack.


The 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report highlighted some disturbing statistics, sure to make any business owner want to fold-up shop and hide under the covers.


Cyber security has a direct impact on all areas of business; business practices, public relations efforts, internal communication, employee safety and company culture.


The following checklist should be used by business owners as a gauge for measuring their current security infrastructure. This is simply an introductory checklist. For a more thorough guide on protecting your business contact an IT Managed Service Provider.


  1. Password Policy


Most people don’t realize how easily a hacker can crack your ‘phil12345’ password. Software exists that ca

n crack a six integer password in a matter of minutes.


The best passwords are created following simple steps:


  • Don’t use personal information

  • Don’t use dictionary words

  • Don’t use repetitive characters

  • Don’t reuse old passwords

  • Use a mix of upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.


>>See the infographic at the end of this article for more password tips<<


  1. Antivirus Updates

Make sure your antiMalware software is scanning for security updates on a daily basis. All it takes is one workstation that is improperly protected for your entire company to be breached.

             Setting this up automatically varies depending on the software you have installed, but it's a safe bet to start by visiting the settings of the application. 


  1. Automatic Lock Screen

When a workstation or mobile device has been idle for a few minutes it should be set up to automatically lock the screen.

If you are uncertain of how to access this setting call 844-TECHIES.


  1. Data Backup Encryption

Firms should encrypt any backup media or data that leaves the confines of the office. Also, always remember to verify that the backup is complete before finishing, quitting or ejecting. Backup logs should be reviewed on a regular basis.


  1. Proper Equipment Disposal

This one is especially important this time of year, as many businesses use their remaining fiscal budget on new equipment. You should absolutely have a shredder in office to properly dispose of all documents that contain personally identifiable information. All workstation and mobile devices being disposed of should be properly formatted and wiped. Better yet, destroy the hard drive in order to minimize the risk of unwanted data recovery.

  Improperly disposing of old equipment is an incredibly common way that data ends up in the hands of the wrong individuals. If you need assistance disposing of old electronics, call 844-TECHIES and we will take your electronics, disposing of them safely.


  1. Email Awareness

Email security is critical to protecting your business. Personnel must be taught to be skeptical of emails that are seemingly out of character or unexpected. It is your responsibility to train individuals on how to look at email properties upon employment. Likewise, never open an attachment from someone who you don’t know personally. Is it no secret that hackers use a variety of Phishing techniques and scam attempts


  1. Educate Staff

This is a critical one. Your company security is only as strong as your least secure workstation or employee. It is up to you to have firm security policies set in place, followed by ensuring that all employees are thoroughly familiar with these policies. Cybersecurity attack methods are constantly evolving, so a one time training will do little in protecting your business. An educated staff is an absolute must, but more businesses are taking extra steps to protect themselves by hiring a managed service provider.


Managed IT Services armor you with a proactive team of tech experts. These experts can handle all of your IT needs, monitoring and securing your business being just one. If you don't have a managed IT service agreement, you are only receiving IT support after problems occur.

Call Delaney Computer Services for an assessment. Our highly-trained IT specialists are changing the way businesses view IT consultants, support and IT services. Remember, not all IT guys are created equal!




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