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New Facebook Notication You Don't Want To See


Facebook Users Beware: There is a new notification & you don't want to see it

Facebook made an announcement on October 16th, stating it will send a notification to users if it believes that attackers working for a nation-state have gained unauthorized access to accounts.

This newly incorporated Facebook feature is one you surely don’t want to see in action.

The news came via a Facebook blog post, which declared that the protection of its users is of premier importance, hence the reason for continually monitoring malevolent activities and giving user accounts plenty of safeguard options.

While any attack is scary, an NSA hack into your account is something that would likely cause even John Wayne to soil himself.

Facebook will not disclose how they will link specific attacks to hackers in the interest of its methods integrity. However, they did ensure users that if you are to receive this notification, Facebook has done its homework and the notification should be taken seriously, as proof exists to back the conclusion.

What You Need To Do To Protect Yourself

Facebook users who receive this notification, which will likely be a small percentage of us, should know that receiving said notification does not mean that Facebook’s system has been hacked or corrupted. The company suggests that the user’s computer, tablet or cellphone is the likely home for the malicious Malware.

If you receive this notification, common sense at this point would suggest you certainly take it serious. Additionally, get an expert involved who can rebuild or replace your existing system.

Those, like myself, whom hope to never be at the receiving end of this notification, can follow certain simple steps to limit our risk. This doesn’t apply solely to NSA level cyber-attacks, but in protecting attacks from any hackers.

  • Turn on login approvals
  • Enable phone and email notifications from Facebook
  • Always ensure you’re not storing your password when using public browsers

Facebook promises to constantly update its detection and prevention methods in this matter. However it is good to have multiple levels of security and prevention in place. Two-step verification may help, but having a professional service that specializes in safeguarding your business greatly decreases the odds of an attack on you, your systems or your data.

Should You Still Be Worried? Here's What Our Expert Says...

When trying to uncover more about the potential threat of a virus, speaking with a professional who deals with network security on a daily basis proved to be information. As President of Delaney Computer Services, Rich Delaney and our team handle all aspects of information technology, including viruses and malware. As one of the leading MSP’s in New York and the surrounding areas, Rich’s opinion carries weight.

When asked if this is something that security-minded small business owners and individuals should be concerned about, Delaney stated, “This should neither make people more or less scared. It is definitely a positive that people are becoming more and more aware of the existing threats constantly being posed against our security and data.”

When asked if he gets a lot of customers who are looking to take steps to protect their data and secure business and personal networks, Delaney’s facial expression changed drastically, resembling a young boy who just found out his dog ran away while he was at school. After a deep sigh, Delaney said, “I wish that were the case.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, most small to mid-sized business owners are so busy and pulled in so many different directions at once that this [cyber-security] doesn’t get the amount of attention it deserves until after the fact. We [DCS] receive calls everyday from distraught business owners whose networks have been breached. We do everything we can to restore data and protect them going forward, but it takes a tremendous effort."

Managed Service Providers for IT in New York City have thousands of businesses to attend to. Common sense would indicate that being proactive is in the interest of every business owner.

Delaney went on to discuss the difference between preventative and corrective approaches to life. A busy man himself, he is empathetic and able to understand how easy it is to be distracted and put things on the back burner.

For those of you in the tech industry, apply wisdom. Take ten minutes out of your day to call a professional like Delaney Computer Services and get on the preventative side of caution. I don’t like to spend money on insurance, but those times an emergency arises and I can use my insurance, am I glad I have it.

Security Follow-Up

There is no question regarding the importance of security to large and mid-sized businesses. Usually the challenge that leaders of these companies face is knowing what to do about it. But what about small business? What about the companies that do not have tens of thousands of dollars to put towards protecting their network on a monthly basis?

The amount of risk each business is willing to tolerate is a decision each owner must measure. With security being a central focus for small businesses and Managed Service Providers alike, professionals must be educated on topics such as malware, authentication, cloud protection and other potential attacks.

Security is a central value at Delaney Computer Services, promoting proactive IT as a way of life. If you have any questions about cyber-security or the new Facebook notification feature, give DCS a call today.