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The Dangers of Password Reuse, and How to Avoid it

what are the dangers of reusing passwords on the internet
Using a Password Manager is an easy and cost effective way to improve your cybersecurity hygiene

How many passwords do you use across all your devices and websites? 10? 20? It's Time to use a Password Manager

A report from a popular password management company found that the average business employee will have as many as 191 passwords. Some may be used every day, some may be created once and never used again. Naturally it is very difficult and likely impossible to remember all these passwords. In order to avoid having to remember dozens of different passwords, many people will resort to using the same passwords for all of their accounts.Password Manager PasswordBoss

While convenient for workers, this is an extremely dangerous practice. Even if people use a strong password that cannot be brute forced, using many letters with numbers and special characters, if just one of these passwords are stolen, all your accounts would be at risk. Almost every year a large company has a data breach of information that can number in the millions. Some of these companies in past years has included Yahoo, eBay, Target, and Adobe.

In many of these instances, the passwords of the company’s users were stolen. If a person’s stolen password is used for many other sites, then hackers may be able to access all aspects of your life. Sensitive data including banking information, health reports, and social media accounts will become vulnerable if your password is stolen. That same password managment company  report found that 81% of data breaches at businesses are from stolen or weak passwords.

So how can you avoid password reuse?

As stated before, even the strongest password can become useless if duplicated across multiple accounts. The best solution would be a password manager. A password manager is a program/extension that can be downloaded onto your computer. The manager will then save all your passwords and will remember which site they are for to automatically fill the password box. With a password manager, you will only have to remember one master password for the manager.

Practice good cybersecurity hygiene,  get a password manager,  better yet find a good Managed IT Services Provider that has a strong security practice and will help you to improve your employee's security hygiene with an ongoing security awareness training program and continuous monitoring of your computer network.

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