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Big Fish Get Hacked & You Think You're Safe?


The enemy of your welfare is intelligent, executing attacks by adding a string of deceits together. By the time you have spotted him, the tornado has already run its course. If you have ever read the book The Art of Deception by world renowned hacker Kevin Mitnick, you are aware of just how crafty these perpetrators can be.

There is no question regarding the importance of security for large and mid-sized organizations. Usually, the challenge C-level executives face is knowing what to do about it. The amount of risk each business is willing to tolerate is a decision each owner must measure. With security being a central focus for small businesses and Managed Service Providers alike, professionals need to be educated on security threats. Cloud protection, authentication methods, viruses; the list is far too long to exhaust.

Large scale hacks have made news throughout this calendar year. 

Let us remember the attack on Sony. The invasion occurred around the time the Seth Rogen produced movie The Interview was scheduled for release. Even more recently there was the adult dating website Ashley Madison. The site made headlines when an intrusion of their database revealed a laundry list of names. 

Why is this important?
Financial and personal information was not the only data compromised. The site claimed to be completely anonymous, encouraging those seeking to go outside of their relationship or marriage to join. The promise of discreet relations lured thousands into infidelity. A multi-million dollar operation, it is likely that they had security measures in place. Yet, the fateful day came when a strike successfully derailed the company and its clients. Regardless of whether or not these individuals are deserving of being exposed, it is just another example of a large enterprise being violated. These are just two of many hacks that have made headlines. 

Who Has Your Back?

What about the companies that do not have tens of thousands of dollars to put towards protecting their network on a monthly basis? These are not the level of attacks the vast majority of business owners should be vigilant about. The small business owner is not nearly as protected as an organization like Sony. Yet it is believed that the hack on Sony was achieved through a growing method of hacking known as 'spear Phishing'. 

Phishing involves tricking a company employee to click on an email attachment or access a rogue website link. Once this happens and hackers have access to your company system or network, Malware can usually roam free. Even the most reputable anti-virus software cannot detect a virus or malware at this point. 

All it takes is one mistake by one individual. You can train your employees, you can put guidelines in handbooks, but that does not exempt humans from making mistakes. Hackers are highly adept at getting past security and firewalls. They find the weakest link and exploit it. With many manipulative tactics at their disposal, hackers exercise tact and patience. Security is a central value at Delaney Computer Services. Many efforts are made to notify clients and potential customers of dangers threatening them and their businesses.

The Bad Guy is Always A Step Ahead

Viruses and hacking methods are constantly evolving, so having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and professional security is critical. DCS is an IT Managed Service Provider to many small businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and along the East Coast. We are preventing these attacks on a daily basis.

Much like hackers whose tactics are always evolving, DCS stays moving forward. We are in a cycle of constant education, followed by application. As an MSP in New York, Delaney Computer Services has to be proactive and aggressive. If you were a client of ours, would you want it any other way?

Famous Last Words

Almost all small business owners say the same thing when it comes to protecting themselves, "It won't happen to me." No. It won't. 
Until it does.

Isn't it common sense? Much like if you were to live in a bad neighborhood, you would install an alarm system- protecting your network is no different. If you had valuables in your home and your criminal, thieving and dangerous neighbors were aware of this, would you rely on yourself to protect your home?  Suppose you were unarmed. You have no gun. Even worse, you don't believe it will happen to you. Would you feel safe in this scenario? Of course you wouldn't. You would likely install an alarm system, accompanied by a team of people who are constantly monitoring your home. 

If you are a small business owner and want to protect the valuables that come with your business, such as financial information of your customers, personal employee information, data, etc., then hiring a Managed Service Provider like DCS should be your next call. Don't wait until you have lost everything or compromised the security and safety of yourself, your family and your employees. Get a team of people behind you, experienced in protecting your business from the multitude of potential attacks lurking.