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Best Outlook Tips to Increase Productivity

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Microsoft Outlook with Office 365 is one of the most powerful business tools there is in today's businesses

Because Microsoft is constantly updating and improving Microsoft Outlook,  some users may struggle to keep up with the rapid changes and all of these new productivity features that seem to be added on a regular basis, this blog article may be for you if you fall into that category.  Catch up on the best and latest productivity-enhancing Outlook tips and tricks. 

Below is a list of the best Outlook tips that increase productivity that our staff could  put together.

Clean Up Your Inbox

No matter inbox how meticulously organized your Outlook inbox is, there's always room for improvement. For a little computer-assisted help, try the 'Clean Up' feature.

  • From your Inbox, click the Home tab and choose from Outlook’s three Clean Up options:
    • Clean Up Conversation - Reviews an email thread or a conversation and deletes redundant messages.
    • Clean Up Folder - Reviews conversations in a selected folder and deletes redundant messages.
    • Clean Up Folder & Subfolders - Reviews all messages in a selected folder and its subfolder, and deletes the redundant messages in all of them.

Ignore (Unnecessary) Conversations

An overstuffed inbox is often caused by group conversations that aren't relevant to you. The Ignore button helps you organize your inbox and focus on relevant emails.

  • Select a message, then click Home > Ignore > Ignore Conversation. You can also do this by opening a message in a new window and clicking Ignoreunder the Delete function. To recover an ignored message, go to the Deleted Items folder, and click Ignore > Stop Ignoring Conversation.

Send Links instead of a Copy of the File

Help your colleagues save storage by sending a link to a cloud version of a file instead of the file itself. This is particularly useful when sending massive files. You can also set permissions to allow recipients to edit and collaborate on linked files in real time.

  • Upload the file you wish to send on OnEDRive and send it to your recipients. From the message box, click Attach File > Browse web locations > OneDrive.

Improve meetings with Skype and OneNote

Outlook allows you to combine Skype's HD video and screen-sharing features with OneNote's organizational and project planning functions. It’s easy:

  • Go to the Meeting tab in Outlook, then click Skype meeting and send the link to participants. After the meeting has started, select Meeting Notes (under the Meeting tab) and choose whether you want to Take notes on your own or Share notes with the other meeting participants.

Tag Contacts In Your Emails

To get the attention of a specific person in a group email message, use the @Mention function. This works particularly well for mails to multiple recipients or for if you simply want to convey the urgency of your message.

  • In the email body or meeting request, type the ‘@’ symbol followed by the first and last name of the person you wish to tag (e.g., @firstnamelastname).
  • To search for emails you're tagged in, select Filter Email from the Home tab and choose Mentioned, then choose Mentioned.

These are just a few strategies for getting more out of Microsoft's email platform. To unlock Outlook's true potential, you need the support of certified IT professionals. Give us a call today.