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Remote Support for Android Phones

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It's what everyone has been waiting for: remote support for Android phones and other devices. Just ask our frontline and senior technical team members, walking a client through complex mobile settings and options menus on their Android smartphones over the telephone can be a real nightmare given the broad array of Android makes and models, each of which has slight differences. Now imagine the additional layer of difficulty and disconnect that occurs when attempting to do this with a not-so-tech-savvy end user.

This exciting new feature allows our technicians to not only manage mobile devices, but also allows us to ability to remotely see your screen and configure or change settings on your device just like we have been able to do on your desktop PC's and Macs. Just like any remote support session on a laptop or desktop computer, our new support app allows us to share the screen of your phone so that we can assist in any technical issue like, setting up an email account, adding or removing any user account, or providing assistance in the App Store or Google Play.

With our new platform we can even run a remote diagnostic on your device which can help us fix issues that may have required onsite visits or downtime of your phone.  Best of all is that we can do this over your 3G/4G connections which allows us to service your mobile device virtually anywhere!

As far as ease of use to setup the support session all the user has to do is to click on a link in an email we can send, click on a link in a text or browse over to our secure web portal, enter your name and we will supply you with our support key, the App will download and we will take it from there!  We can use this exciting new feature to help keep your mobile force on the go.

if you would like to know more about DCS's capabilities and how we can manage your mobile devices, give us a call.



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