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Office 365 SharePoint: Get Your Business In The Cloud

What is SharePoint office 365 Business Solution

As your business grows, so does its need for organization and collaboration.  Microsoft Office 365's SharePoint online is a powerful cloud-based file sharing and data collaboration service with unmatched capabilities made for businesses of all sizes.  This online service acts as a centralized hub where businesses can store and share documents, access important information, and perform various business tasks.  SharePoint Online is the premiere collaborative tool for businesses of all types that provides access from anywhere, seamless collaboration, business intelligence, and enterprise security. 

"Perhaps SharePoint's Greatest Feature"

Perhaps its greatest feature, SharePoint allows multiple users to view and edit documents simultaneously.  Instant sharing means the days of individually sending and editing Microsoft Word documents are long gone.  Next, the program lets organizations create team sites that serve as content hubs connecting you to everyone you work with making collaboration easier than ever.  One of the key benefits of creating team websites using SharePoint is that businesses can organize ideas, share and assign tasks, and manage projects simultaneously.  In other words, with just a few clicks documents and other relevant information can be sent to the right people in an organized and effective manner.  Users can then download and edit such documents, and later upload them for continued sharing. 

Create team sites and get your business on the cloud!Microsoft office 365 sharepoint online map network drive

Map SharePoint Team Sites like a traditional Windows Server network share

Office 365 SharePoint Online: On-the-go Access 

SharePoint Online is an extended function of the program allowing businesses to access it from virtually anywhere on any device.  This functionality is vital for businesses with team members working remotely or for those who are constantly on the go.  After all, we are living in the digital age and your business should be at the forefront. 

What can SharePoint do for your Business? 

The tools available on Microsoft SharePoint will not only help to grow your business, but also ensure that organization, security, and productivity are never sidelined.  Features like Office Graph keep you updated on your teams and projects using activity feeds and recommendations based on your personal connections and business needs.  Team websites allow you to quickly and seamlessly push out information regarding current projects to employees, effectively increasing productivity and organization.  Equipped with top-of-the-line security, SharePoint protects your company's most sensitive documents as well as the privacy of your customers.  It is the vital first step in getting your business on the digital map, and at a low monthly rate, there is no substitute. 

Businesses can also integrate Outlook with SharePoint, making sharing documents and information with colleagues as simple as one click of the mouse.  Microsoft Outlook is the long-time leader in business email providers and it stays that way for a number of reasons.  Available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook is an email application with many functions including, but not limited to, calendar, note-taking, alerts, journal, task manager, and web browsing. 

Let the experts at Delaney Computer Services get your business started today!  Microsoft SharePoint is an excellent overall business platform and we will be exploring and sharing information about its many value-add features in the coming weeks so stay tuned!