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What is an MSP?

image depicting What is an MSP?

An MSP is a technology acronym for the term Managed IT Service Provider.  A managed IT service provider or MSP related to technology provides outsourced IT support functions to businesses or organizations and assumes responsibility for that IT function or service, computer equipment, network, or software functionality. At the same time, the client typically pays a pre-determined, fixed, monthly fee for the service on an ongoing basis monthly basis.

There are different types of managed IT service offerings, but the most common idea behind most Managed IT Services is to transfer the burden of maintaining day to day IT functions from the customer to the MSP. The customer then benefits from predictable pricing, a guaranteed service level, and can focus on core business concerns rather than day to day IT management or Cybersecurity duties.

Often an MSP will work on a flat monthly fee, so they excel at mitigating IT issues before becoming interruptions in business.  To do this, the MSP will often leverage monitoring software and techniques to optimize a computer network to reduce problems. Many small businesses have realized that using an MSP is an effective way to reduce IT service costs and increase their uptime and efficiencies with information technology issues.