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Break/Fix is a very common business model used by older and outdated IT companies to help their clients, this is often referred to as "Time and Materials" relationships as well.

In the Break/Fix model, the client contacts the vendor when they suspect (or know) that their equipment is not working. Break-Fix relationships don't often offer proactive remediation of problems and therefore are subject to a less efficient IT infrastructure and are often subject to downtime.   Once the potential client has called the IT service provider for help, the client’s productivity is already suffering.

Break/Fix clients traditionally will pay premium prices while receiving minimal service and support, as opposed to advantages gained in other models, like Block Hours and managed services.

Newer and more sophisticated IT companies practice a form of IT support known as Managed Services.  The managed service model of IT Support – providing proactive maintenance at a flat-fee – has been around long enough now, that most small and medium businesses have abandoned the traditional Break / Fix model for obtaining support and it is standard practice for anyone who provides computer support to commercial clients these days.



Benefits of a Managed IT Service