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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Ever lost your critical files such as family pictures, vacation images or your music files? Has your computer system's hardware failure, poor recovery from accidental deletions or drive format caused you a loss of important information? 

When your hard disk drive, flash drive or RAID drive array crashes, DCS offers a variety of fast, professional and cost-effective data recovery solutions.

We employ a simple process of diagnostics and escalation, performed by some very intelligent people, which allows our clients to work with our in-house data recovery specialist so we can investigate the trouble, available solutions, probability of success, and cost involved with data recovery.

DCS can also help with forensic data investigations 

Hard Drive Data Recovery services

In many cases, we are able to recover data here in our local data recovery facility; in the event where the hard drive or media is to badly damaged to be recovered in our facility we partner with the industry's best companies that can retrieve data from the most badly damaged media.

Data recovery is performed on premises by our local data recovery specialists.

Important note: Do not continue to use the damaged device because, every minute you use that device, the harder it is to recover data!  Contact us as soon as you suspect your hard drive is damaged