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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Still struggling with on-premise email, Overflowing email boxes, emails that you need to keep?
There's a better solution.

Free up your IT resources and give employees access to emails, calendars, contacts, and more—anytime, anywhere.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 from Delaney Computer Services

Hosted Exchange 2013

  • Unlimited Exchange 2013 mailbox storage per user, standard
  • 150MB Mailbox Attachment Limit
  • Free mobility (iPhone, iPad, Android, OWA)
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Full compatibility with Outlook 2013
  • Email, Calendar, Task, and Contact Syncing
  • Outlook Software Licenses

Prices Starting at $7.99 per account

Lacking the resources to manage an on-premise business-grade email solution properly?

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 gives you all the flexibility and productivity-enhancing features of Microsoft Exchange 2013, along with unlimited support, predictable monthly costs, minimal user management.  DCS has been an expert in managing and implementing email solutions for over a decade.

Always enjoy the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook with our SaaS add-on.

99.999% Uptime Record and Improved Security

When your email is down, so is your business. We know how downtime impacts your productivity and your bottom line. That's why our Hosted Exchange has an unmatched Network Uptime history 

Delaney Computer Services hosted Exchange 2013 offers exciting new features that improve the way you do business. This includes a simplified calendar interface, integration with LinkedIn and Facebook, email extensibility for embedded maps, and more.

Go Mobile

Be in perfect sync with your Outlook, thanks to our hosted Mobility for hosted Exchange. Whether you're an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or even a Blackberry fan, you can keep your emails, calendar, contacts, and tasks at hand. Our real-time secure wireless synchronization allows you to be as efficient out of the office as in the office and stay connected anywhere. 

Quickly and effortlessly stay in sync:  No longer will you need to worry about manually keeping your contacts or calendar in sync. If you add a new contact on your phone while in a meeting, it will be in your Outlook when you get back to your desk.  

Reading emails on the go?  Don't worry. Actions you take on messages are in sync as well.  When you mark as read, flag for follow-up, or delete messages, all your changes sync up as well.

Lync 2013

  • Hosted, Secure, business-grade, real-time chat.
  • Lync 2013 synchronizes your contacts, communications channels, and availability information into a powerful productivity catalyst.