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DCS is now Offering Professional Voice Recording for your Phone System

voiceover for telephone system

Don't Let your Business Phone System Silently Kill Potential Business.

The adage, "you only get one chance at making a first impression," is painfully accurate, and how you answer your business phone is crucial to making a great first impression on clients or business partners. But sometimes, it can be a silent killer of business. Because your phone system's automated attendants and voicemail greetings are often the first contacts between callers and your business, making a great first impression can influence the caller's decision to do business with you or to look elsewhere.

A poorly recorded auto-attendant message can sometimes send the wrong message that perhaps your business doesn't care about details or that your company is too small to do business with.

Because we typically install and manage business phone systems for our clients, a natural add-on to our services was offering professional voice-over recordings for your VoIP system. Using our professional voice recording service for your business phone system will convey the professionalism of your company and establish instant credibility with callers.

Some examples of what we can enhance:

  • Business Hours Greeting
  • After Hours Greeting
  • Holiday Greeting
  • Department Voicemails
  • Personal Voicemails

Hear Some Examples:

We'll help you write the call-flow scripts and store them for you so we can modify them as needed, record new greetings for new departments or new employees, etc.

Pricing starts at $50.00 per 75 words, with $50.00 for each additional 75 words roughly equal to about thirty seconds, and custom plans are also available. 

Contact me for more information if you're interested in enhancing your business telephone system with professionally recorded voice messages.