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Free Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment Tools

Free Employee Cybersecurity Assessment Tools

We can help you dodge a potential bullet by pre-screening applicants for their Cybersecurity knowledge before employment with free pre-employment Cybersecurity Assessments

DCS now can offer free pre-employment cybersecurity assessments for our clients that are taking advantage of our ongoing cybersecurity awareness service, PII Protect.  This new tool for your business is an incredible cybersecurity asset that fits seamlessly into your hiring and onboarding process.

Managers within your organization can now create an individual cybersecurity assessment to share with a new hire or potential candidate for employment within their company.

Cybersecurity Awareness Innovation and Education

The Pre-Employment Cybersecurity Assessment tool is built to assist hiring managers in evaluating new employees or potential employment candidates' cybersecurity awareness levels.

Knowing and addressing prospective employees' strengths and weaknesses before they access sensitive data helps protect your company and helps build a tailored onboarding program to ensure that if the candidate gets hired, they receive the proper training that will set them up for success from Day 1.