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Microsoft SharePoint: Office 365 and Beyond

Microsoft SharePoint Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has a wide variety of functions and applications that extend beyond SharePoint. With Office 365 you can get your business done from virtually anywhere and work seamlessly from any device.  Three of the most popular among businesses include OnEDRive, Skype for Business, and Planner.  These tools are useful for multi-tasking, organization, communication, and much more.  Learn what they bring to the table below. 

OneDrive for Business 

OneDrive for Business allows you to save files in one place so that you can access and edit them from almost any device.  It is an organizational tool designed to make sure that important documents are never misplaced and so that they are readily accessible whenever you need them.  The program can also sync to your PC or Mac so files can be accessed offline. 

Skype for Business 

Skype for Business stands out as the leader in business messaging applications due to its convenient integration with Microsoft Office.  This allows users to schedule meetings in Outlook and use tools such as PowerPoint or Word to record meeting minutes, jot down ideas, and foster a more creative work environment.  Skype also allows up to 250 people to meet at once and all that is required is a mobile device or an internet connection.  There is no better way to stay connected to your business. 


Planner is an easy to use organizational tool included in the Microsoft Office 365 arsenal.  Key features include plan creation, building teams, assigning tasks, and status updating.  Planner is different than other applications because it allows you to visually organize tasks and assign them to specific "buckets" based on status and urgency.  Simultaneous team collaboration allows multiple users to attach files to tasks, eliminating the need for disorganized third party applications.  Best of all, Planner can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and email alerts can be set up so that you are always up to date. 

How can this help your business? 

Microsoft Office 365 makes organizational tasks much easier and more convenient.  OneDrive for Business allows you to store all of your files in one place where employees can collaborate on projects and work as a team.  Skype for Business keeps you connected to clients and employees operating abroad, increasing productivity during meetings, fostering a more creative work environment, and improving organization and structure during meetings.  Planner lets users organize tasks, establish a time frame for completion, assign them to different categories, and collaborate simultaneously.  It's never too late to start improving your businesses' organization and communication.  The IT experts at Delaney Computer Services can get your business started with Office 365 today!