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Learn How to Quickly Identify a Spear Phishing Email

Watch this quick spear phishing email video
What is Spear Phishing Email?

This is a serious warning about a common email threat that is on the rise again.  This 3 minute video will help bring awareness and educate the viewer to this common but very serious email borne threat and the risk to your business or your identify.

After watching this video you will be able to:

  1. Learn how to quickly identify a spear PHIshing email.
  2. How you are selected for an attack
  3. Learn What Spear Phishing is and how it differs from just a simple phishing email
  4. How to tell if this is a legitimate email.

One of the most common threats to business and individual systems is phishing but there is a more dangerous form known as Spear Phishing.  Spear Phishing is a more directed, personal and targeted attack on individuals within the business. The attacker has done research on you in most cases and looked us information about businesses in your area and ins some cases may know your business colleagues. Because this is a deliberate attack on you and your business the volume of emails that are used are often way too low to be detected by Anti-spam email systems. This form of hacking is well known but you need to educate yourself about this kind of attack and bring awareness to your co-workers and staff.  Because users are learning more about the methods used by hackers they have been forced to come up with different phishing techniques, and one of the methods that is causing problems is spear phishing.

This video will help you learn how to Identify a Spear Phishing Email Attack

What Can Happen If You Are Speared?

From previous attack cases and reports, the majority of spear phishing attacks are finance related, in that the hacker wants to gain access to a bank account or credit card. Other cases include hackers posing as help desk agents looking to gain access to business systems but this rise has lead to more Cryptolocker / ransomware attacks. 

Should someone fall for this tactic you could have a serious business impacting event as some spear phishing attacks aren't after your identity or money, instead clicking on the link in the email will install malicious software onto a user's system.

We are actually seeing spear phishing being used increasingly by hackers as a method to gain access to business systems. In other words, spear phishing has become a great way for people to steal trade secrets or sensitive business data or to encrypt your critical files and hold them ransom from you.

If you are looking to learn more about spear phishing or any other type of Malware and security threat, get in touch.