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After July 31, 2024, Intuit Ceases selling many QuickBooks Desktop Versions

Quickbooks will discontinue certain desktop versions 7/31/24

As your trusted partner in managing your business's IT and financial tools, we at DCS are dedicated to keeping you informed about significant developments that could impact your operations. Today, we're discussing some crucial updates regarding Intuit QuickBooks Desktop products and the industry's broader move towards cloud-based solutions.

A Strategic Shift by Intuit: What It Means for Your Business

Intuit's decision to discontinue new subscriptions for certain QuickBooks Desktop products post-July 31, 2024, is more than a product update—it clearly indicates a strategic pivot towards cloud-based solutions. While offering technological advancements, this move may not be met with enthusiasm by all. From our experience, many small to medium-sized businesses have reservations about the QuickBooks Online platform, citing concerns over its performance and functionality compared to the beloved Desktop versions.

Upcoming Discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop Subscriptions for New Clients will Likely Force new Subscribers Directly to Online Editions

After July 31, 2024, Intuit will cease selling new subscriptions for certain QuickBooks Desktop products in the US:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll
  • Price Changes for Payroll Services: Be aware that starting January 8, 2024, the fee for direct deposits through QuickBooks Desktop Payroll will increase.

The Reality of Limited Choices

We understand that transitioning from a familiar, reliable Desktop version to an online platform may not be your preferred choice. Concerns about QuickBooks Online being less responsive and lacking some features of its Desktop counterpart are valid. However, with Intuit steering the market in this direction, options are becoming limited. The reality is stark: adapt to the online version or face increasingly constrained alternatives.

Understanding the Benefits Amidst Challenges

Despite the reservations, it's important to recognize the benefits QuickBooks Online brings, especially for businesses requiring remote access or those with users frequently on the move. The online version solves critical IT issues, providing easier access to accounting data for external accountants and remote users—something Current Desktop versions struggle with.

Ongoing Support for Current Users

If you're using any of these products, existing subscriptions will continue receiving support, including security and product updates.

Looking Ahead: Preparing for the Inevitable

The writing is on the wall: the sunset of more affordable Desktop versions is likely not far off. At DCS, while we understand and share some of your concerns about this transition, we are also here to support you through it. Our role is to help you understand what this shift means for your business and guide you in exploring the best path forward.

Understanding the Industry Shift

The strategic decision by Intuit is emblematic of a widespread industry evolution, transitioning traditional business applications like accounting, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) from client-server architectures to more dynamic, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) models.

  1. Cloud Computing Dominance: The industry has been gravitating towards displacing desktop-based software to cloud-based SaaS solutions, offering benefits like remote access and collaborative features.

  2. Steady Revenue Streams: Subscription models, typical of online platforms, ensure a predictable revenue stream for providers.

  3. Enhanced Functionality: Online platforms offer improved integration capabilities and user experiences.

  4. Security Advantages: Cloud-based solutions often provide more robust security features, which are crucial in today's digital landscape.

Your Partner in Change

We invite you to contact us with your concerns, questions, and needs regarding this transition. Our expertise is available to navigate these changes, ensuring your business continues operating efficiently and effectively, regardless of the software landscape shifts.

Thank you for your continued trust in DCS as your guide in the world of business technology.