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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Healthcare

Authorized Surface Reseller NY NJ for healthcare
surface pro 4 healthcare
Authorized Surface Reseller NY / NJ
surface pro 4 healthcare

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Line of products are perfect for Healthcare and are a major focus of our IT Managed Services Practice.
Delaney Computer Services, Inc. is an authorized, innovative Microsoft Partner who strives to stay ahead of the curve regarding emerging trends in the IT Management space for healthcare.

Microsoft has recognized this, and we are proud to now add the Microsoft Surface Pro line of devices and accessories to our commercial products offering.  The Microsoft Surface and Office 365 make a compelling combination. With these systems, we can help provide your medical practice access to information and devices to be more productive, secure, and focused on your practice, which will ultimately help you provide better patient care.

Some value-added benefits of the Surface Pro 4 for Healthcare Providers Include:

  • Increased Productivity— With Surface, you can use a single device wherever you go. Focus more on your patients and less on your technology
  • Mobility— Whether in the office, at a patient bedside, or out in the field, Surface devices are lightweight with long battery life for ultimate mobility.
  • Security— Built-in security features, including Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Secure Boot, make meeting HIPAA guidelines by keeping protected patient health information safe.
  • Sanitizable— Surface- and the Surface Type Cover- can be sanitized with many standard hospital disinfectants to comply with infection control practices.

The Surface is also now disrupting the Patient Experience with better patient care. A Cardiologist discusses how Microsoft Surface has improved his patient engagements and increased productivity in this Health IT Case Study helps you to understand more on how Surface is improving a healthcare provider’s workflow. Check out this video to discover the “7 Ways Microsoft Surface is Revolutionizing Mobile Care”.

Improving Healthcare workflow with Surface