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Is Your Company Data Secure?

See how Office 365 helps your small business stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow

Let's face it, we live in an ever-changing world where technology changes faster than we can keep up with but today's business needs and your employees’ needs for productivity significantly challenge the security of your organization’s data.  A question that should be on your mind and if it's not you probably already have a great Managed Service Provider.  Is Your Company Data Secure?

When you take into consideration an ever evolving threat landscape, your small business has to work harder than ever to stay ahead of emerging  cyber threats.

See how Office 365 helps your small business stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow and download this free infographic courtesy of Microsoft

Next generation security is a core tenant to the Microsoft Office 365 platform and that is why Delaney Computer Services, Inc. partners with Microsoft and employees Office 365 as part of our multi-layered security strategies.

Microsoft’s Cybersecurity intelligence and machine learning capabilities help protect against unknown Malware and detect anomalies quickly to allow a rapid response.In addition, Office 365 meets many industry and see how office 365 help your small business stay secureregulatory requirements and helps organizations respond to legal issues with machine learning that quickly identifies relevant content for eDiscovery.

Small and Mid-Market businesses and organizations improve visibility and control with Office 365 and administrators can set control policies, discover “shadow” IT, control data access and gain critical insights into threats.

Is Your Company's Data Secure?