Cybersecurity Services

image depicting cybersecurity servicesWith cybercrime and digital threats at an all-time high, businesses large and small are exposed to newer and more complex cyber threats every day. Firewalls and Antivirus aren't enough to secure your business, nor is a technology partner that isn't offering you the best and most up-to-date cybersecurity services as part of their day-to-day Managed IT Service. 

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Services for Small Business

DCS employees cutting-edge, next-generation, defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategies that leverage the same advanced cybersecurity services that protect America's government, fortune 500 companies, and military as part of our Managed IT Services offerings for small businesses or organizations at a price that fits the SMB budget.  Cybersecurity is fully baked into our service at affordable pricing options which include a full-suite of protection for Office 365, remote workers, desktops, laptops, servers, and network devices.

Monitor-Detect-Respond (MDR) Managed SOC / SIEM / EDR Solutions

We work with our clients to bring visibility to their network, remote workers, Microsoft Office 365 environments.  By monitoring what's on their network, end-points, and cloud applications and proactively identifying indicators of compromise, anomalies, breach detections, and remediation of threats.

It's essential to implement refined, strategic cybersecurity tactics for your technology. With our 24x7 SOC/SIEM comes peace of mind knowing that we Monitor, Detect and Respond.  Our team of highly skilled cybersecurity analysts continuously monitors your network looking for threats and vulnerabilities. With detection comes response. We'll work closely with your team to define a remediation process and ensure that threats can be addressed immediately, whether it's peak work hours or the middle of the night. We can deploy a team of highly trained cybersecurity analysts who work with the latest security tools to monitor our client's networks 24/7, detecting threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches from our Security Operation Center (SOC).