Cybersecurity Services

image depicting cybersecurity servicesIntroducing DCS Cybershield Cybersecurity Services– the ultimate cybersecurity management package for small businesses. Our comprehensive cybersecurity packages add additional layers of protection to your managed IT service agreement, safeguarding your network from cyber threats. Plus, with our ongoing cybersecurity awareness training, you can stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats and ensure your business is always secure. Protect your business today with DCS Cybershield!

Next-Generation, Fully Managed, AI-Driven, Cybersecurity Services for Small Business

At DCS, we deploy cutting-edge, next-generation cybersecurity strategies that stand as a robust defense-in-depth. Our approach leverages the same advanced tools safeguarding America's government, Fortune 500 companies, and military forces. What sets us apart is our ability to bring these top-tier protections to small businesses and organizations, all within a budget that fits the SMB market.

Cybersecurity isn't an afterthought for us; it's at the core of our Managed IT Services. We offer affordable pricing options encompassing a comprehensive Microsoft 365 security SOC & SIEM suite. This suite provides complete protection for Microsoft 365, remote workers, OneDrive, SharePoint, as well as Azure AAD joined desktops, laptops, servers, and network devices.

Furthermore, our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions ensure that your mobile workforce operates securely and efficiently, aligning with our commitment to comprehensive cybersecurity.

With DCS, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in a security infrastructure that's on par with the world's most secure institutions, fully integrated with Microsoft 365, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

AI-Driven 24x7 Monitor-Detect-Respond (MDR) Managed SOC / SIEM: Comprehensive Protection for Your Network.

We bring unparalleled visibility to your network, remote workers, and your Microsoft 365 environment. Our AI-driven 24x7 Monitor-Detect-Respond (MDR) approach goes beyond mere observation. We actively monitor your network, endpoints, email, and cloud applications, proactively identifying indicators of compromise, anomalies, breach detections, brute force logins, and unauthorized or improbable scenario logins. If threats are detected, we don't just report them; we act, providing immediate remediation.

Why Choose DCS's 24x7 SOC/SIEM Services?

  • Strategic Cybersecurity Tactics: In today's digital landscape, advanced and strategic cybersecurity measures are not optional but essential. With our 24x7 SOC/SIEM, you gain peace of mind knowing that we're always on guard, monitoring, detecting, and responding to any threats.

  • Continuous Monitoring by Skilled Analysts: Our highly trained cybersecurity analysts are relentless in their pursuit of security. They continuously monitor your network, identifying threats and vulnerabilities before they can impact your business.

  • Immediate Response and Remediation: Detection is only half the battle. Our cybersecurity team works closely with yours to proactively begin the remediation process. We ensure that threats are addressed immediately, whether during peak work hours or the middle of the night. Our Security Operation Center (SOC) is staffed by a team of highly trained analysts equipped with the latest security tools. They're dedicated to monitoring our clients' networks 24/7, detecting and responding to threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches.

  • Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring / Alerting with Automated Countermeasures: DCS CyberShield leverages advanced machine learning to provide real-time Microsoft 365 security monitoring and alerting, with the unique capability to auto-lock compromised accounts—minimizing risks and giving you crucial time to enact targeted countermeasures.

  • Multi-SaaS Security Monitoring: In addition to our specialized Microsoft 365 Tenant security monitoring, DCS CyberShield offers comprehensive security solutions for other leading SaaS platforms, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, and Google services.

With DCS's AI-driven 24x7 MDR Managed SOC / SIEM, you're not just investing in a service but securing a fortress. We're here to protect your network, your data, and your peace of mind every minute of every day.