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Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce web site screen shot

In May of 2005, the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce or "MRCC" was mired in a manual process that curtailed productivity and placed artificial restraints on what the organization could achieve. MRCC asked the help of DCS with  using the internet to grow, and push past their limitations.

Now, MRCC uses the web site as the fulcrum for all communication and transactions. By using our content management capabilities, the chamber has been able to efficiently publicize its services and events. By using our Customer Relationship Management capabilities, the chamber has been able to manage communications, and analyze its efforts. Transactions for event registrations, new memberships, and membership renewals are now nearly 100% facilitated through the web site, a fact that has not only lead to a significant increase in sales, but a massive reduction in office labor and data entry.

Recently, Delaney has added rotating advertising to the chamber's site, and this fall a new service, Biz-to-Biz Discounts, will launch. Future challenges include enhanced customer relationship management features to allow the chamber's lead acquisition committee to manage and follow-up with new leads.

As the MRCC continues to look for ways to meet their mission, improving the value of its services for its members, we continue to develop exciting and innovative features that allow them to become real.