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Delaney Computer Services, Inc. only works with small business.  We work with companies with as few as 10 computers users, allowing us to provide more in-depth, individualized attention. 

DCS provides best in class small business IT support services specializing in companies from 10 to 250 users.  We will work to strengthen your internal network, beef up security and promote ease-of-use as well as restore employee confidence in technology. 

Did you know that there is a direct relationship to employee morale are your small business's ability to invest in properly functioning technology?

Employees often get frustrated working with poorly run networks and we have seen this happen many times over DCS' 20-year span in the small business IT support space. It is important to note that companies that invest in technology are able to grow and thrive quickly while those that view it as nothing more than an extra cost do not last long. 

Proper integration of effective workplace technology into your businesses' network leads to increased productivity among employees as well as maintain excellent communication throughout the company. 

Always On Network Connectivity & Internet Security

We provide a slew of small business IT support services including our Always On Internet Security designed to keep your network secure, connected, and running smoothly around the clock. Because of the constant threat of a cyber attack, DCS has established a fantastic team of IT support specialists that can design, build, secure, and maintain your small business' network so that you are always up and running, 24/7/365. We use only the most advanced security measures available for all of our clients, regardless of size. With DCS behind the wheel of your company's IT network, you can be assured that our team is constantly monitoring and making improvements. 

We Benefit when your Network is Up, Not When You are Down

Small Business IT Support BBB Accredited

With our flat rate billing method, we only benefit when your network is up and issues are handled so we implement strategies to ensure that your business is always prepared for the unexpected.

The experts at DCS make sure that systems are running at peak performance at all times, so you never have to worry. 

Small Business IT Support that's PCI compliant

When disaster strikes, we will be there for you. DCS will never let you down. Our Managed Backup service provides comprehensive, local, and remote protection so that important company data is never lost in the event of a calamity. Not only is your sensitive information safe, but you have the peace of mind that comes with that knowledge. 

Providing small business IT support is a continuous process and we will be with you every step of the way. From establishing a cloud presence for your business to providing risk assessment and consulting services, our far-reaching capabilities will keep your company connected both internally and externally so you can focus on what matters most, your customers. 

Let Delaney Computer Services design, build, secure, and maintain your businesses' network and we'll show you why we're the very best at what we do. Request an online consultation or give us a call to begin. Start improving your network today! 

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