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Why DCS?

Why DCS?  DCS is PCI DSS 3.0

Superior IT Services - Delivered The Right Way

Our goal is to exceed industry standards for performance, operation and customer service.We meet this objective by eliminating unexpected problems, improving security, enhancing Business Continuity and effective communication. The result is the foundation of a plan for sustainable growth. 

As more SMBs embrace managed services and hybrid information technology solutions, we witness countless complaints about their old IT 'solution'. 

Some of the most common being: Why DCS?

It takes days for a response to our call

We can never seem to find him when we need him most

→ Our email never works 

→ Our system/network/computers were down for days

By now, most business owners, C-level executives and managers recognize that information technology is crucial to the survival and growth of their business. 

So why do so many still choose a Break/Fix relationship with an IT guy instead of a modern and common sense solution?

It always comes down to two things: fear and money.

How do you pay your IT guy? Not how much - but HOW do you pay your IT guy? 

The financial model behind your IT relationship speaks volumes about the business model and sustainability behind it. A reactive relationship doesn't work in personal relationships and it doesn't work in business either. Stop paying by the hour whenever a problem occurs. This model breeds unpredictable expenses, low-quality technical work and opposing motivations!

Managed Services is the only way to conduct a successful relationship between information technology and business development. We have been saying this at DCS long before it was a popular belief. Finally, much of the world has caught up. If it were possible for a break/fix consultant form of IT guy to provide all the services a successful business requires without charging by the hour - he would. However this cannot work since an IT consultant can't guarantee you a flat hourly rate.

For example, let's say one of your servers fails; that alone could be anywhere between 20-50 hours of work to restore. For the IT guy to deliver a flat-rate price would be gambling with his livelihood. Technologies vary, as do the problems they face. Manged Service Providers don't have to predict how long a job will take. Furthermore, an MSP can take a proactive approach to your IT. 

That is precisely what we do at DCS. How?

We provide hundreds of small-to-mid marketing businesses with a flat-rate while delivering superior technological solutions. The answer is in our software platform that monitors a client's infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is managed services. We proactively approach your IT infrastructure, preventing problems from occurring instead of reacting when they do.

This model puts the IT guys and the business owners on the same team, rooting for the same result: the smooth and problem free operation of your business technologies!

Our ability to assess and predict the amount of monthly service a business requires gives us the freedom to guarantee you a monthly flat-rate without the fear of losing money. This in turn allows us to service your account on a daily basis, providing round-the-clock security and optimization.

The best part?

 In the event a problem does occur or a server does crash, you never pay a dime above that flat-rate. Hence our motivation to keep your IT operating at full capacity and efficiency.

We proactively keep your network and computers running with a fluid and highly-efficient synergy. DCS offers superior IT services - IT support where service is the cornerstone of the relationship, not money. After decades of successfully engineering, designing and maintaining the IT infrastructure for hundreds of businesses, we can confidently say - we are damn good at what we do. 

The choice is simple: choose DCS as your managed service provider and say goodbye to your old, out-of-touch and disheveled IT guy. 

There is no time to waste.Technology is too important to the future of your business. 

Make DCS your Managed Service Provider. You will be glad you did.