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GoDaddy Outage Affecting Millions

What happens when a webhosting company’s servers go down?  Well, not even fire-sale prices or Danica Patrick can help.  News has been floating around the web that websites hosted by started suffering some major service issues and started going down around 1 am PST (4 AM for those of us on the east coast).

We aren’t going to jump on the bandwagon and start trashing a fellow webhosting company.  Bad things happen and if the claims are true and hackers are responsible for this outage, than that is a shame.  We hope the service interruption is resolved and the customers of GoDaddy find their websites back up and running in a timely fashion.

What this event does highlight is how important it is to rely on tried and tested products and services with multiple layers of redundancy.  Webhosting isn’t about being the lowest bidder, it’s about providing the best service.  The technologies we work with at DCS help ensure that downtime is minimal if it occurs, and our technicians are able to spot a down website and get it back up and running ASAP.  A website in the twenty first century is critically important to the ongoing revenue of a company, and the responsibility of hosting that website is a massive one, and one that we take seriously here at DCS.

For our customers who are affected by this outage, we are attempting to work with GoDaddy to get these issues resolved.

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