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Website Launch Announcement

In today's business landscape it is more important than ever for a firm to have not only a visually impressive website but also have a website that will help convert visitors into clients.  In the high-end markets of Northern Bergen County, NJ, Magic Landscaping, Inc. stands out as a leader in the full service landscape design and construction market.  Because of the visual nature of landscape design Magic needed an equally impressive website befitting of the hard to please residential clients in the northern Bergen County, NJ area.

The Challenge

Create a visually magnificent but functional website to show off Magic's work but also attract new clients that meet Magic's high standards

Landscaping Design Services Franklin Lakes NJ

The Work

We built a fully customized CMS, which allows for robust SEO along with several impressive galleries of images as well as case studies that highlight Magic's capabilities

The DCS team handles everything including graPHIc design, content development, custom programming and a custom content management system.

We now look forward to handling the digital marketing efforts for the new site moving forward including: hosting, internet presence development, SEO, and on-going updates and maintenance.  If you want to grow your company then there is no better medium than the internet.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask help from the top digital marketing experts we have on staff.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Check out their website @ Landscape Design Services Franklin Lakes, NJ