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Transitioning To Office 365

Office 365 Cloud

Esteemed Clients,

For over 20 years, Delaney Computer Services has looked to serve its clients the newest technology and implement best practices in all fields. We have offered clients such as you the flexibility of Microsoft Open Licensing and/or the use of Home Office versions.

We wish to continue working with you on scaling your business to the next level. And as we have been doing, receive the latest and greatest from DCS.

That being said, we would like to announce that moving forward, our efforts will be geared towards the use of Office 365. Why you may ask? The answer is simple…

Office 365Office 365 allows your business the flexibility of staying on the go. Swapping machines, loading your personal settings on the newest mobile device, can now take only seconds! We will continue to support those of you that have purchased Microsoft Open Licensing in the past. All others, we strongly encourage you move forward with us in the Office 365 direction.

With changing times, costs are more than ever a concern we all share. Office 365 is cost effective and its ease of use allows for seamless transitions for future opportunities.