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Major Email Upgrade

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When Is this happening?

Many of you may not know Delaney Computer Services, Inc. will be performing a major upgrade of the existing Mountain Creek email system this weekend starting on Sunday, November 22, 2015.  We will be transitioning to a completely new email solution called Microsoft Office 365.  This new system will have much more capacity,

security, features and other enhancements which will greatly improve the email communication and collaboration to Mountain Creek's organization.

Prepare for the upgrade

  1. Start deleting any old or unnecessary email from your inbox and folders.
  2. You will be receiving in email from the Microsoft Online Services Team between today and Friday with a temporary password for your Office 365 account.
  3. Follow the link in the email as soon as you can and set your permanent password, keep in mind it will need to be a complex password. 
    • The password must contain at least one lowercase letter.
    • The password must contain at least one uppercase letter.
    • The password must contain at least one non-alphanumeric character.
    • The password cannot contain any spaces, tabs, or line breaks.
    • The length of the password must be 8-16 characters.
  4. Keep this password handy as you will need it to gain access to the new email environment on Monday.
  5. The first time you sign into Office 365, you will need to set your language and time zone preference. In the Language List, select English (United States). In the Time Zone list select the US time zone of your location.

How will this impact me?

  • Starting Sunday evening at 10 pm you will not have access to your email until Monday.
  • Expect to have a disruption in your normal routine on Monday as you will NOT have access to your email through Microsoft Outlook on your PC when you arrive.
  • You will NOT have access to your email on your SmartPhone / Tablet devices from Sunday at 10:00 PM until your device is reconfigured by a DCS technician.
  • Depending on the size of your mailbox, your estimated wait time to access email again will be from 2 to 12 hours. The larger your mailbox, the longer the migration will take.

Following the Migration

  • When you arrive on Monday you will need to access  your email through Outlook Web App for Office 365 which is a web based portal that you can use to access your email, calendar, contacts and tasks via your internet browser by going to this link

Once you have signed into your Office 365 Portal:







On Monday, techs from DCS will be on-site at Mountain Creek to assist employees.

  • Techs will be going around to all users to reconfigure your Microsoft Outlook Software and help you configure your mobile devices so that they can access the new email servers.
  • When this is completed you will continue to use your new email on your computer through your current version of Outlook.
  • There will be a complete Microsoft Office Upgrade to come at a later date.

Setup for Mobile Android Users can follow the steps on this link Monday morning
Setup for Mobile iPhone Users can follow the steps on this link Monday morning

Who can I contact if I need help?

  • If you are able to get into your new email portal you contact [email protected] for questions or help
  • If you have a technical emergency you can call our help-desk @ 1(201) 669-4300 and select Option 3