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See Reduced IT Costs with Managed IT Services

See reduced IT service costs with managed IT services

Based on DCS’ Managed IT Services model, our service is proactive rather than reactive: the model works because IT issues are essentially prevented before they become problems to be fixed. Because we charge a regular monthly fee to maintain computer network health, rather than an hourly fee to fix machines that are broken, our costs are reduced when your network is healthy and strong. We have helped our clients in many cases to save tens of thousands of dollars per year, while giving them a stable network that is secure and easy to maintain.

See it for yourself, go ahead and try this easy to use Managed IT Services pricing calculator - There is no catch what-so-ever, we don’t even collect an email address for you to use it.

Understand Managed IT Services a little more:

Why a Managed IT Services Relationship will Lower Total IT Costs

Through a regular monthly fixed fee managed IT services agreement as your provider we proactively cover all preventative maintenance for the computers on your network which in turn keeps your network running smoothly and securely which reduces the amount of work that would normally have to go into fixing your network after a failure.  We are always looking for predictive failure indicators and handling potential failures proactively which lowers your total IT costs.  In a lot of cases the concept of paying a little more monthly than you may have in the past evens out your annual spend, thus lowering your totaltechnology costs.

Because we monitor several key network health indicators; Hardware health status, security threats, update patches, antivirus, and antiSpyware tools; and regularly make upgrades and provide fixes before users are impacted or notice a decline in performance. With unlimited Helpdesk support included as part of our support services, most network issues that users do experience are problems that can be quickly corrected without an office visit or hourly fee.

Again we encourage you to try this easy to use managed IT services pricing calculator to see how much IT issues really cost and how often using a managed service will provide a massive savings to your bottom line.