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The Importance of IT Disaster Plans

Severe Weather

Hurricane Sandy has torn a swath of destruction across the tri-state area, and as the weakened but still dangerous storm makes its way across Pennsylvania and into upstate New York and Canada, millions of homes and businesses are without power.  We knew this was coming, but the devastation can still be shocking no matter what preparations were made.

Just as you stock up on water, batteries and canned food for your home, your business needs to be prepared as well.  Storms like Sandy bring with them downed trees and power lines along with transformers exploding like fireworks.  These sorts of power surges can utterly annihilate computer systems, and if your company servers are damaged, it can be days or even weeks until you can be running at capacity again, and that doesn’t account for the possible loss of important data.

Here at Delaney Computer Services, we were monitoring the forecasts regarding Hurricane Sandy since last week and planning contingency plans for all possibilities.  Once the most likely scenario was identified, we began enacting those plans.  We planned a rolling shutdown of all servers we monitor in the affected areas and informed our customers of our plan and the timeframe of the shutdown.  We also assisted customers utilizing our hosted telephony solutions with routing calls to employees working from home.  As people left to prepare their homes and families for the storm, we stayed on the job, ensuring that the servers would be as safe and secure as possible and that everything in our control could be done.

Now that the area faces the aftermath of the storm and the vast cleanup and repair projects before us, DCS understands the reality of the situation.  Many people are stuck in their homes with no power, possibly no water and maybe even no clear route out of their homes or neighborhoods.  As people get their lives back in order, DCS has their backs as far as their IT infrastructure is concerned.  Using our remote monitoring systems combined with the hardware we recommend and provide, we have been able to remotely restart the servers of customers who have power.  Even if no one can get to their office, their servers are back up and running provided the electricity is flowing.  Emails are getting through, websites are functioning, and remote access is enabled so even as other companies are crippled by the storm, our customers are ready to get back to work already!

Are you ready for the next mega-storm?  Contact DCS to find out how we can help you prepare and maintain your Business Continuity throughout the worst that mother nature has to offer!